2019 Kingdom Economic Summit | Conferences

Raising, preparing, empowering and supporting Kingdom Leaders in Tanzania

The Kingdom Economic Summit presents a rare and exciting opportunity for individual entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, churches, and ministries to tap into experience and wisdom to some of the finest world class speakers who are successful Business entrepreneurs, world-changers and visionary leaders. The focus is on sharing the keys to sustainable financial success and hearing success stories and principles of success which are in line with value-based financial growth principles and models of individual and business economic growth and investment

The Third Kingdom Economic Summit is scheduled to take place on 5th, 6th and 07th March 2019 from 2pm to 8pm at Mlimani City Conference Centre, Dar Es Salaam with the theme “Fulfilling your Dominion Mandate”. Dr Bill Winston from Chicago USA is the keynote speaker for the 2019 Summit and graduation of the 1st Joseph Business School Tanzania. Dr Winston l is a Visionary leader, Statesman, a Business Mogul and Founder/President of Joseph Business School (JBS) and Bill Winston Ministries (BWM). Other invited speakers are Dr Abu Bako (Ghana), an Economist by profession, Senior Researcher in Agricultural Economics, consultant to national leaders and Governmental bodies in the area of Politics, Economy and Business, Education, Science and Technology amongst others; Dr. Nigel Chanakira, Executive Chairman of the Success Motivation Institu te, Former Chairman Zimbabwe Investment Authority, Business entrepreneur and a Philanthropist; and others local and International Speaker who will be addressing specific thematic issues, including Maditshaba Kelebogile Moloko (SA), Dr. Deloris Thomas (USA), Dr.Joe Mzuanda (Tanzania) and Prof. Judiffer Pearson from Clayton State University Atlanta USA.

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