ASAS Word Contest News – Halima catches up as Madhavi goes top | Online competitions

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With 4 rounds to go, who will clinch the title?

Online competitions: Crosswords are a fun way of improving one’s vocabulary, and the ASAS Word Contests gives participants ample chances to boost their skills.  After months of push and pull amongst top contenders Khadija Talib, Rukia Abdallah, and Syed Orujul Hassan, Crossword No 8 has finally witnessed a dramatic change in the league table as Madhavi Nayan Lal tipped the others to go top with a slight edge of a single point.

Also shining now is newcomer Halima Talib who has been declared the month’s cash prize winner and winner of deliciously nutritious Asas Drinking Yoghurts.

Go here to access all the details and check out the current standings

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