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Al Fahidi Stationery

Stationery & Office Supplies

Dealers in HP Printers & Toners
+255 22 2134826
+255 22 2134823
Jamhuri/Mwisho Street
Dar es Salaam
+255 673 144079
Ahmed Kassim
Jamhuri Stationers

Dealers of Office Stationery

Jamhuri Stationers is one of the leading stationery and office supplies, distributor and reseller in Dar-Es-Salaam which offers a wide range of total stationery and office supplies including box files, flat files, paper shredders, cash counting and checking machines, photocopy machines, paper cutters, papers of all types and sizes, markers, white board, pencil, ruler, envelopes, memo safe, and rubber bands.
+255 22 2127807, +255 22 2122476
+255 22 2122477
Jamhuri Street, opp Kisutu Police Post
Dar es Salaam
+255 686 764404, +255 654 351117
Ashraf Kassim
Corporate Manager
Jamhuri Stationers

We are a “One Stop Shop” and are driven to excel to satisfying our clients demands. We have secured a fair sized market share by supplying clients with not only stationaries but also their office tools, HP printing consumables & all other office computer supplies.

Office & School Stationeries
Servers, Networking, Deskops, Laptops & Printers
Accessories, Toners &Cartridges and Softwares
+255 22 2127807
+255 22 2122477
Jamhuri Street
Dar es Salaam
+255 754 786772
Raza Velani
Managing Director
Minhaal General Traders & Stationers

Stationery, Computer Consumables

Dealers in School and office stationery, Computer consumables, Toners, Cartridges

+255 22 2110719
+255 22 2118279
Zanaki/Kisutu Street
Dar es Salaam
+255 784 996110
Minhaal F Kassam