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Digital signage

Access Image

Access Image Ltd is an advertising and media company that currently specializes in providing digital Signage advertising (dynamic advertising) which is the most innovative digital marketing and advertising medium that is quickly penetrating local markets across the globe.

In this visually expanding world,  getting your brand noticed is becoming more and more difficult .Access Image LTD provides  high resolution and high brightness digital display and projection solutions to shine through the clutter and get noticed.

“MARKETING WITH A VISION”-Our vision and mission is to provide leading edge delivery in the digital signage advertising market in Tanzania, and eventually East Africa.

Our vision is supported by the following ambitions:

  • Major focus on our Client (brands, agencies, retailers) making sure they reach their targeted audiences in the right places.
  • Innovation and technological leadership with constant research on global trends
  • To provide breadth in reaching audiences across a wide range of geographical and demographic targets
  • Market Leadership; command the highest and advanced digital signage market in Tanzania, and East Africa.
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Fred Mtera