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KARIBU/KILIFAIR is organized to be an international tourism & industry fair, promoting and presenting companies based in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania, East Africa and Central Africa.


The fair has the character of a business networking event for the tourism industry,
in combination with a community fair to attract local people, families & expats on the weekend.

Entry fee:

1 day ticket – Adult                                               TSH 8,000

1 day ticket – Kids & Students (with ID)            TSH 4,000 (kids under 2 years are free)

1 day ticket – FAMILY                                           TSH 20,000 (2 adults & 3 kids)

3 days ticket                                                          TSH 20,000

Sunday “Early Bird” ticket                                  50% off (on all tickets purchased before 12:00pm)


International & EA travel agents

With pre-registration                                            free entry

With on-site registration (business card)           TSH 50,000 / US$ 25,00

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