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Farmland-for-Sale-at-Bagamoyo13 acres at Makurunge

Plot information

The total farmland area available is 13 AcresThe farmland is located at Makurunge, Bagamoyo, along the road that leads to SadaniNational Park. The farmland contains a water reservoir of up to 1,530 cubic meters that can be used for fish farming, irrigation and etc. A soil and crop suitability test has been conducted by the National Soil Service for the land and the reports are available. Some of the suitable crops for the land are Rice, Sorghum, Finger Millet, Sunflower, Cow Pea and etc. The land is also suitable for real estate projects such as housing, hotels, fuel station, schools and etc.PRICE: 3,000,000 TZS/Per Acre

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