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Our children develop with multiple strengths

If you are looking for a school that can provide a strong foundation for learning for your child, or a centre that is remarkably superior in reading and writing skills, or where the Academy provides more than any regular school in terms of the overall development of your child, then Meadows Academy is where you may want to come to.

Some of the more salient features at Meadows are:

  • Small class sizes with well-trained teachers
  • Loving and caring environment
  • Childcare and learning App facilitating open communication and progress reporting
  • Guided reading systems online with access to online digital readers
  • Full daycare option for working parents
  • Sports and fitness activities during and AFter-School programs
  • Holistic learning in grooming, mindfulness and becoming better global citizens

To meet with the Academy Head and discuss your child’s admission or transfer for children over 1.5 years, please get in on any of the below contacts:

Facebook messenger contact

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Instagram page

Whatsapp contact

(See poster for details)

Meadows Academy, 5 Mfaume St

opp SIDO, off Fire Rd, Upanga West

Contact +255 784 276750 or for more details

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