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Quality packaging reflects your brand

Being Environmentally friendly is not just a fashion statement but it is our duty and responsibility for the Earth that we live on. At FIVE STAR PRINTERS LTD we have taken a step in promoting the shift from one-time-use plastic bags to non-woven bags. Whether branded on not the range of colours is always eye-catching and we have made sure the pricing is also affordable to assist in the shift from plastic bags to be easier.

Quality packaging reflects your brand, and here at FIVE STAR PRINTERS LTD, we understand that fully and make sure that when your customer sees your products it should be dressed in clean and high-quality packaging to reflect the product inside. Over the years we have always prompted good packaging and branding mixed with a good quality product is the key to success.

Founded in 2008, FIVE STAR PRINTERS LTD in Tanzania, a family-owned business is one of the largest printing houses in the country. Backed by the 30+ years experience of the parent company; Masumin Printways and Stationers Ltd – the largest stationery retailer and corporate supplies in Tanzania, FIVE STAR PRINTERS LTD has grown into a fully-fledged printing house operating in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. FIVE STAR PRINTERS LTD started off with the manufacturing of exercise books and has grown into a printing company that has most of your printing needs.

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What We Do

School Stationery: Five Star is the leader in School supplies – we always make sure the very best for the future of the world.

Office Stationery: Our range includes Despatch Books, Vehicle Log Books, Petty Cash Vouchers, and many more.

Exercise Books: Education has and will always be the most important investment from a parent to their child.

Envelopes: An envelope is the first thing a person sees when they receive a letter from you, we make sure the first impression is always the best.

Inner Packaging: Over the years we have always prompted good packaging and branding mixed with a good quality product.

Kangaro Products: Kangaro is a worldwide known and trusted brand for stapler machines, punch machines, and stapler pins, etc.

Thermal & Adding Rolls: we can offer branded rolls for your daily use such as on Handheld Devices, ATMs, toll booths, etc.

White / Notice Boards: Use the Five Star products in offices, classrooms, board rooms, or even at home with your family.

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