Asas-Uhuru Walk Akili ni Mali Quiz League

Win every month with ASAS-Uhuru Walk Akili ni Mali Quiz League! | Online Competition

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Asas-Uhuru Walk Akili ni Mali Quiz League

May the smartest participant win!

Online Competition

ASAS Dairies and Uhuru Walk are delighted to bring you a monthly online quiz league starting 19th March 2021.

The quiz will be available in two languages – English and Swahili and will cover a variety of question areas to stimulate your minds.  Register now with Miqdad 0742 276750 or Jaffer 0782 358869

Top 3 monthly winners will receive cash prizes and the one who finishes top will also receive ASAS drinking yoghurts.  All participants points wll be forming the basis of the league, and since it is open to all age groups, an age handicap scale will be in use to maintain fairness.

If participants belong to a school, they should name them at the time of registration so that they are entered in a schools table.  Winners after 12 months will be crowned Akili ni Mali Champions 2021

Need a headstart? Ensure you introduce other participants after you register yourself

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