ASAS Creative Easel Art League & Exhibition

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Welcome to the ASAS Creative Easel Art League and Exhibition with Shelina Khimji

Jump to this page if you want to view the welcome poster for this event. The poster will give you prerequisite information about what this contest is all about


Let’s start with the rules.

Official Contest Rules

When submitting artwork for contest consideration, you agree to abide by the following rules.


    1. No entry fees, simply register
    2. Any disputes arising under the terms and conditions of this contest will be governed by the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania
    3. No age barrier except 12 years or older at the time of submitting the entry

Contest Entry Guidelines

  1. No Copyright Infringement
  2. All work must be released for individual usage or purpose usage grants.
  3. All entries must contain copyright-free art or art released for entrants and public use.
  4. No unauthorized use of any copyright images, text, or other material will be accepted.
  5. There is no limitation on canvas size.
  6. You must register every month using this form
  7. Quarterly exhibitions will be put up at TasteMe where entrants will be required to ready their art pieces and price them as well, reasonably.
  8. 30% of all proceeds will go towards funding Uhuru Walk learning programs while the other half will be for the artist to collect.
  9. Use of canvas with either acrylic, oils, oil pastels, water-based oils, mixed media, charcoals as long as the final artwork is a painting and not only a sketch or drawing.

Guidelines & Judging Criteria

This part stipulates general guidelines for what our judge’s panel is looking for when deciding to approve your artwork and its award merits.

Prior to submitting your entry for judging, please carefully read through the following guidelines.

Tiers by Age

  1. Tier 1 – Ages 6-9
  2. Tier 2 Ages 10-12
  3. Tier 3 Ages 13 and over


Appropriate Content

  1. Content should fit the category of the month. Where no theme has been provided, entrants will be free to use their own imagination
  2. Content should be appropriate for public use. It is incumbent that entrants stick to the sizes provided in readiness for the quarterly exhibition at TasteMe Desserts & Cafe in Upanga
  3. The content/design should be unique and interesting to a wide audience.
  4. The design should incorporate any of the following associated brands – SokoniAdvertiser, SK’s Art, ASAS Dairies, or TasteMe Desserts & Cafe
  5. Avoid designs with personalized images and names of family, friends, or other organizations. (Remember that your design needs to relate to a broad user base.)

Overall Design

  1. The layout should be clean and communicate clearly your message.
  2. The design must utilize the front, spine, and back of the binder or canvas

Judging Criteria based on the Likert scale (rated between 1 and 10)

1 = Entry level 2 = Very weak 3 = Weak 4 = Below average 5 = Average 6 = Above Average 7 = Good 8 = Very Good 9 = Excellent 10 = Outstanding

1. Technique and Skill

2. Originality in the use of media

3. Interpretation of subject matter

4. Presentation

5. Use of Art Elements – line, colour, texture, value, shape, space, and form

6. Use of Art Principles – contrast, movement, unity, rhythm, emphasis, balance, pattern

Total achievable points 60



Lap 1 – Free (Entries closed)

Lap 2 – A snowy Christmas (Entries closed)

Lap 3 – Popcorns (Entries closed)

Lap 4 – What does the Earth mean to me (Entries closed)

Lap 5 – Everyday Heroes (deadline 31st October 2022)



ASAS Creative Easel La 2 Results

ASAS Creative Easel Lap 2 Results

ASAS Creative Easel Lap 2 Results


Full results below:

TIER A – 6–8
Name Total
Jeoron Lotto 36
Ammar Suleman 31
Adriana Muhondezi 28
Arham Kambabhe 27
Ariela Mgoyo 27
Ethan Lyaruu 25
Alice Massawe 25
Teresa Mtaya 25
Georgia Mollel 24
Deodatus Mkuwa 24
Sasha Muhondezi 23
Erica Allan 22
Samson Allan 22
TIER B – 9–12
Name Total
Jahnavi Vora 34
Malvin Mosha 33
Kayla Mlau 32
Joan Manamba 32
Shubira Tibaijuka 30
Caroline Kichere 30
Paula Mhaiki 30
Joshua Mollel 29
Sasha Malunda 29
Kazi Mateng’e 29
Veronica Amuli 28
Joanne Matutu 28
Clara Kweka 27
Joan Msuya 27
Adriel Placid 27
Erica George 26
Mandela Mtaya 26
Neema Mwinuka 23
Michael Allan Luhanga 22
TIER C -13–16
Name Total
Insiyah Hakimjee 37
Lulu Adam Nyaonge 31
Tonny Killenga 26