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Elegant and Exquisite Leather Bound Guest Comments Books

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 Guest Book: Premium Handmade Quality

Guest Book:

A touch of sophistication and timeless elegance for your Safari Lodge, Tented Camp, or personal space Our Leather-Bound Guest Comments Books are the epitome of luxury, offering a beautiful canvas for capturing cherished memories, kind words, and unforgettable moments.

Leather Bound Guest Comments Books. Ideal for Safari Lodges / Tented Camps As well as personal use.

Can be personalized with logos for an extra cost.

Available in 2 Sizes: 17 x 14 inch @ TZS 149,900/- 13 x 13 inch @ TZS 129,900/-

Imagine a picturesque safari lodge nestled in the heart of the wilderness, where the rustling leaves and distant animal calls provide a soothing backdrop. Amidst this natural wonder, our Leather-Bound Guest Comments Book finds its place, effortlessly blending rustic charm with opulent allure. Handcrafted with precision, these books are a testament to the time-honoured tradition of leather craftsmanship, showcasing the artisanal skill that goes into creating each piece.

Our journals are bound with either veg-tanned cowhide and goat leather as well as suede leather, it is also decorated with a beaded circle and embossed with Africa’s big 5, which makes it great for those who love writing and can be used as a personal journal, desk diary as well as a guest book.

Each one is carefully handcrafted and is unique.

They are available in different sizes, kindly check the product description.

We can also emboss your names with text. Kindly email us for a personalized order.

For special gift items please visit us at our workshop

Make your Leather-Bound Guest Comments Book truly unique by personalizing it with your lodge or camp’s logo. Our expert craftsmen can expertly emboss your logo onto the cover, ensuring that every book is a reflection of your brand’s identity. Enhance your lodge’s branding and leave an indelible impression on your guests with this exquisite customization option.

Our guest comments books are more than just bound pages; they are a repository of cherished experiences and heartfelt sentiments. Allow your guests to share their thoughts, express their gratitude, and immortalize their stay in the wild. Whether it’s a honeymooning couple’s romantic escapade or a group of adventurers seeking the thrill of the African savannah, these books capture the essence of every visit.

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Shah Industries Ltd is a family owned business, starting off as a rice mill in the year 1950 in Moshi Municipality and slowly evolved to Leather manufacturing, and over the years have established ourselves as a reputable name not only in Tanzania but worldwide.

We are best known for employing disabled people and their ability to create quality handmade products including custom work which is manufactured in Tanzania by local Tanzanians.

Hand-made quality leather goods such as briefcases, conference bags, safari chairs, safari tables, belts, wallets, arts, crafts, and wood carvings.

We at Shah Industries Ltd love to make hardwood furniture that is of top quality and is accepted worldwide.


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