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EduKwanza’s goal is to help students realise their absolute potential by helping them with the next step in their educational careers.

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University Admissions

EduKwanza has a team of expert academic and career counsellors

Based on your abilities, strengths and interests, our counsellors can suggest what career is best for you.

We believe in starting early.


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Creating champions

At EduKwanza, we believe in starting early. 

Creating Champions was founded for this exact purpose. We advise families with children as young as in grade 7. Creating Champions is a first-of-its-kind venture in Tanzania.

While students are at school, we prepare a “Road Map to University” uniquely customized for each student. This includes one class each of extra-curricular activities as well as curriculum-related courses.

This customized road map planning and one class each will be provided FREE of charge for the student to get a taste of what these activities or courses are all about.

It is up to them to pursue all or select courses further.



For students who need extra help with their subjects, EduKwanza has partnered with certified tutors across the country.

We provide the best personal tutoring experience for your subject-specific needs.


Study abroad

Visit us at Office # 1.32, 1st Floor, VIVA Towers, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


WhatsApp: +255 787 001 786

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Our team provides pre-departure assistance

Once the student has received the visa and is preparing to leave, the counsellor will guide the student and their families with any last-minute preparations that may be required before they depart and will also be available to assist while they are studying at the destination.

The counsellor can connect the student to current students and admission officers from the university as well as alumni from the university.


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