Paintbrushes and rollers

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Paintbrushes and rollers


We have all kinds of brushes including Soft or Stiff – The finish is affected by the bristles’ firmness. 

Wall brushes are ideal for painting walls or ceilings because they allow for longer strokes and let you cover more surfaces.
To hold more paint, they feature larger filaments or bristles.
To help in getting a nice long, smooth paint stroke and to reduce fatigue, wall brushes are also made with longer, thicker handles.

All of the trim portions of the house, including the doors, windows, door frames, skirting boards, gutters, etc., can be cleaned with Sash brushes.
They are more precise and easier to handle since they have fewer filaments or bristles than a wall brush and can contain less paint as a result.

Although straight edge sash or trim brushes and angled brushes are also available, some users like the control an angled filament affords them.

Small or Sample-size brushes

For little details and confined locations like skirtings, corners, or windows, small or sample pot-sized brushes are suitable.
These brushes can also be used to test out new paint colours using sample pot paints.

Sash style brushes

Large surfaces may be painted with great coverage with sash-style brushes since they pick up and release paint well.
When painting walls, doors, and ceilings, this type of brush can be used in conjunction with wall brushes.

Angular style brushes

While cutting in and painting trims and skirting, angular-type brushes are intended to make painting straight edges easier.
These brushes are also excellent for navigating tight places and tight corners.

Large Walls or Paintbrushes

Weatherboards, fences, and brickwork are examples of huge surfaces that benefit from using large wall or paint brushes.
When a thorough finish is not necessary, utilize this method.

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