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 Butchers: Your Trusted Source for Fresh, Quality Meats!



t Saleh’s, we take pride in providing you with the finest, hand-picked cuts of meat.

What sets our butchery apart?

  • Premium Halal meats: We offer the highest quality beef, chicken, and goat.
  • Crafted with care: Our experienced butchers ensure every cut meets your standards.
  • Diverse selection: From succulent sausages to a wide range of speciality meats, we’ve got it all.

Explore our offerings:

  • Discover the exceptional taste of Halal meats with our range of cow (beef), chicken, and goat.
  • Savour the flavours of our sausages and a variety of other cuts.

Committed to our community:
We support local farmers and proudly adhere to Halal practices.

Delivery services are available!


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Phone: +255 785 943 030

Karakoo & Livingstone Street




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