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SokoniAdvertiser provides two levels of services – the traditional email marketing whereby all subscribed addresses receive email notifications of advertisements and/or promotions, and the web-based service which provides a platform for the long term presence of the same publicity material.

Please select the appropriate preference below and allow a couple of days for us to implement your choice.



Unsubscribeor you can simply send an email with Subscribe/Unsubscribe as the subject to mailings@meadowspromotions.com

In the case of subscriptions, please send your full name and organisation name as well.





2 thoughts on “Subscribe/Unsubscribe”

  1. Dear Rehema

    Thank you for your interest in our services. Your email address has now been subscribed to our mailing list and you will soon start receiving the various offers and advertisements that are being circulated by our advertisers.

    Please let us have your phone contact, or feel free to contact us on 0755 276750 for discussion on your advertising needs.



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