The Naresh V Jethwa Freedom Award Announcement

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Scholarship: Make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in Tanzania



o you want to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in Tanzania? Do you want to support a cause that promotes education, literacy and community service? If yes, then you should join the Uhuru Walk Community Service Initiative, an initiative that organizes an annual walkathon and treasure hunt to raise funds for uplifting the state of learning for disadvantaged children, thereby providing them with a solid foundation for later-years higher learning.

One of the scholarships that Uhuru Walk supports is the Naresh V Jethwa Freedom Award scholarship, a scholarship scheme that honours the memory of the late Naresh V Jethwa, a philanthropist who dedicated his life to helping others. The scholarship provides access to early learning education and English literacy classes for underprivileged children at Meadows Schools, a leading international school in Dar es Salaam.

The recipient of this scholarship is Doreen Gilbert Mwipi, a bright and talented girl who dreams of becoming a doctor. Thanks to the scholarship, Doreen will be able to attend weekly English language and early learning classes at Meadows Schools, where she will receive a quality education, nurturing care and individual attention. She will also benefit from the school’s curriculum that enhances self-concept, instils moral values, encourages social interaction and enriches awareness of the natural and cultural world.

Doreen is one of the many children who have been given a chance to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential through various other scholarships.

The scholarship is a tribute to the late Naresh V Jethwa, who believed in the power of education and community service to transform lives and society. He was a visionary leader, a generous benefactor and a role model for many.

You can help more children like Doreen by supporting Uhuru Walk and its projects. Visit to learn more about how you can participate, donate or sponsor this noble initiative. Together, we can make a difference!

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What is Uhuru Walk?
Uhuru Walk is an annual walkathon and treasure hunt that is created by the coming together of organizers, volunteers and sponsors. As an event that has welcomed thousands of participants over the past 8 years, it facilitates the provision of Early Learning Education, English Literacy Classes, and Charity Drives for disadvantaged children at House of Blue Hope Orphanage.



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