Reflective insulation

The perfect way to keep your home comfortable all year round

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 Reflective insulation: Radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs

Reflective insulation 


adiant barriers can reduce cooling costs by 5% to 10% when used in a warm, sunny climate. The reduced heat gain allows for a smaller air conditioning system.  Foil is used in space-faring craft because of its great properties in preventing radiant heat loss. Because space is a vacuum, there is very little heat lost by conduction, so the foil is absolutely perfect

Over the past few years, an increasing number of businesses have discovered a way to maintain the ideal temperature within their facilities while reducing energy costs.
Reflective insulation products are the answer.

Due to its advantages in energy savings, simplicity of installation, and affordable cost, reflective insulation solutions are becoming more and more popular.

Because metal structures conduct heat, it can be difficult and expensive to maintain ideal temperatures all year round.
Reflective insulation functions by lessening the passage of heat through an air gap in a building.

The main advantage of reflecting insulation is that heat radiated through the roof in the summer is reflected off the insulation’s surface back to the roof rather than into the building, keeping interior temperatures cooler. In the winter, the heat inside a metal building is returned to the building by reflection off the shining surface of the insulation.

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The reflective insulation needs to be fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to get the best results.
Reflective insulation provides a variety of additional qualities in addition to its ability to save energy:

Easy installation results in less expensive labor.

It is lightweight and may be customized by being cut to fit.

Can be added to an existing layer of insulation to increase insulation value or enhance interior aesthetics.

Reflective surfaces can cut down on the amount of interior illumination needed by up to 35%, which lowers energy costs.

Low moisture transfer enhances the building’s overall thermal efficiency.



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