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Join 150,000 email subscribers and 50,000 whatsapp recipients across the nation and in parts of Eastern Africa to promote your goods and services through SokoniAdvertiser.
  • Tanzania’s oldest email marketing service – established in 1999
  • Tanzania’s largest subscriber emal database – currently standing at 150,000+ covering all demographic groups
  • JPEG format delivery – email constructed as a jpeg image – ensuring subscribers can view full image whether connected or not
  • Most effective spam shield technology and server simulation – ensuring bounce rate is kept to the minimum
  • Facebook marketing – incorporates presentation and distribution on our FB page at www.facebook.com/sokoniadvertiser boosting exposure to your message through both direct contact and viral marketing
  • Universal coverage – like advertising in a newspaper, SokoniAdvertiser is not restricted to any one segment of the market, ensuring maximum turn around of ads
  • Loyal readership – through years of subscriber database building, recipients of our messages regard SokoniAdvertiser as an authentic and authoritative source of information
  • Superior read rate – upto 80% of all mails delivered, are actually read, and depending on your artwork and presentation as well as type of product/service, upto 5-8% enquiry rate
  • Send/receive analytics and period of campaign information is provided upon request

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