Crossword No 2.3

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1. A situation in chess in which a player is limited to moves that cost pieces or have a damaging positional effect
2. Moving by leaping
3. An absolute temperature scale that uses absolute zero as the starting point
4. Name of the scientist who created Frankenstein
5. Colloquial name for cousin twice removed
6. Book which contained the earliest known mention of the philosopher's stone
7. Flop
8. Sanskrit word for bug
9. The conference in which Greenwich Meridian Time was adopted was held at
10. A small quantity
11. Hindu sage for whom Nepal was named
12. Giant wolf in Inuit Mythology
13. National animal of the Dominican Republic
14. Enclave in South Africa
15. Autonomous region of Papua New Guinea
16. A journey to a more desirable place
17. Animal with thirtytwo brains
18. Ponder
19. Last king of the Persian Empire
20. Baby swan
21. Chaos or disorder
22. Sudden enlightenment
23. A natural covering
24. Frenchspeaking
25. Speed
26. Hardest known natural substance after diamond
27. Largest active volcano — 5,3
28. Of the mind
29. Greek soldier commemorated by the length of the Olympic Marathon
30. Medicinal compound initially made by boiling the bark of the white willow tree

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