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ContractorsContractors: We are the specialists and professionals who you should call!

Contractors: V.J. Mistry & Co Ltd–a contracting company actively engaging in the design, construction, and management of residential, commercial & industrial projects.  The Company was established in 1960 with a Furniture Workshop, later in the Year 1976, we joined the Construction Industry.

“We believe in delivering works for desirable quality standards, minimum cost, and within the stipulated time”

V.J. Mistry & Co. Ltd is a general contracting company active in the construction and management of residential, commercial & industrial projects. The company employs highly quality &experienced managers/ engineers as well as a skilled multinational workforce that enables it to offer and provide several services in the construction sector. The company’s management has a strong commitment to the continual enhancement of its capabilities and the services that it offers to its clients. This has contributed to the fast growth of the company during the past few years & shall ensure continual growth for the years to come.
“Construction is a business where success is measured by the ability to complete projects on time and with an inbuilt process. Timely completion, high standard quality work, and providing a safe working environment are the main pillars of a successfully executed project. We, at V.J. Mistry & Co. Ltd, put these objectives before us once we start
a project.
Our records show that our clients were always more than happy and especially in these three aspects of any project that was executed by us. Our aim is customer satisfaction through products and services of international standards, at competitive prices.
Construction of all new types of buildings | Renovations | Construction, and renovation of bridges culverts | 
Construction and renovation of sewerages and drainage systems | Installation and repairs of metal works | Construction
and repair of rod works, Construction, and repair of  wharves, piers and ports

Visit us here 129a Mwakalinga Road, Chang`ombe

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We put customers first!

We value our customers first in every aspect of our operations.

Our achievement is highly influenced by the successful project that was previously achieved. We are happy we received many happy customers.

V. J. Mistry has a solid reputation for standing behind their work. Every step of the design process gets your stamp of approval to ensure the final result pleases you.


Mobile: +255 692 037177

HEADQUARTERS: Sokoine Road, Opposite Bukoba Market, Bukoba, Tanzania

V J Mistry & Company


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