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Trade Festivals

Trade Festivals: Festac 2022 Destination Zanzibar

Trade Festivals: “The beauty of Africa, of Africans (both home and abroad), as well as of Africans in the diaspora are essential to the world.  Our colourfulness through our culture, music, dance, literature, drama, food, fashion, and entertainment is unparalleled.  Our rich and abundant natural resources as well as the vastness of the continent are enviable.  It’s high time we knew that!”

Yinka Abioye (Director, Inspire Africa Connect

The spectacular world of the Inspire Africa Connect is your comprehensive get-away to the richness of Africa.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the relationship between luxury brands and their customers in profound ways. Inspire Africa Connect is a unique, one of its kind platform in Africa. A Platform of this magnitude, with the ability to reach thousands of affluent individuals in such a short period of time and across such a broad range, is rare.
Our Events and Expos consist of High Net Worth individuals and Industry leaders, which makes it a perfect opportunity for networking. To say the least, in a continent where luxury brands are still struggling to optimally reach the target audience in diverse countries. Inspire Africa Connect promises to make it easier, much easier.

Are you attending?

Festac Africa 2022

Exhibition booth:

#FESTAC2022 has captured the imagination of countless entrepreneurs, businesses, and pleasure-seekers from around the world can you afford not to be there with #AfricasBest?

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Take Advantage of the following FLIGHTS Negotiated travel rates

  • KQ @20%  ALL Classes
  • Air Tanzania 20% ALL Classes
  • Ethiopia Airlines
    • 12% Business
    • 10% Economy
  • Auric Air 10%

FESTAC AFRICA 2022 – Destination Zanzibar 23rd – 29th May 2022

Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort & Spa

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