Trivia competition

Are you the smartest school in town?

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Trivia competition: You are invited! 

Trivia competition 


ut your knowledge to the test and prove that your school is the smartest in town!

Join us for an exhilarating in-person quiz competition on November 25th, 2023, where you’ll face off against other brilliant minds from across the city. Prepare to be challenged, entertained, and rewarded for your intellectual prowess.


Form a team of four sharp individuals and get ready to navigate through 10 rounds of mind-bending questions covering a diverse range of subjects, from general knowledge and history to science and current affairs. Each round will test your teamwork, adaptability, and ability to think on your feet.

The Grand Prize:

The team that emerges victorious from this battle of wits will earn the prestigious title of “Akili ni Mali Champions” and be honoured with the privilege of leading the 8th Annual Uhuru Walk early next year. This is an opportunity to showcase your school’s leadership and commitment to community engagement.

Individual Recognition:

In addition to team accolades, individual top performers will also be recognized and celebrated for their exceptional achievements. These bright stars will receive special awards and recognition, solidifying their place among the intellectual elite.

To sign up for the quiz, follow this link


Don’t wait any longer! Register now and get ready for an exciting and rewarding quiz experience!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your brilliance, represent your school, and experience the thrill of intellectual competition. Register your team today and embark on a journey of learning, challenge, and triumph!

Akili ni Mali – Knowledge is Power!

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What is Uhuru Walk?

Uhuru Walk is an annual walkathon and treasure hunt that is created by the coming together of organizers, volunteers and sponsors. As an event that has welcomed thousands of participants over the past 8 years, it facilitates the provision of Early Learning Education, English Literacy Classes, and Charity Drives for disadvantaged children at House of Blue Hope Orphanage.



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