Fresh milk

ASAS Fresh Milk Packet

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Fresh milk

Fresh milk: Natural & Delicious

Why should you miss out on the most nutritious of drinks that can last longer? Made with farm-fresh milk, the very best from Iringa.

Now available in 500ml milk packets.


Fresh milk: A delicious product to be shared.

Our dairy products are available at your nearby shops.

Available in various small, medium, and large packaging


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ASAS has been in the Dairy industry for a long time dating back to the early 80s. But effective dairy processing started in 2000. ASAS milk is one of the best in Tanzania and the region.

It is processed to the highest industry standards and is certified by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

Our business process encompasses receiving the raw dairy product from our farms and other suppliers, processing it into various dairy products, and marketing and selling the products for the benefit of the company shareholders.

The product range encompasses a wide range of products such as fresh milk, flavoured and plain yoghurt, cheese, Ghee & Butter.

One among the dairy factory located in the southern zone offers high-quality international standards with affordable prices for every people in Tanzania
Milk and dairy products contain many nutrients and provide a quick and easy way to supply these nutrients to the diet with relatively few calories. Milk, cheese, and yogurt all
provide the following beneficial nutrients in varying quantities.
Calcium – for healthy bones and teeth, Phosphorous – for energy release,
Magnesium – for muscle function, Protein – for growth and repair,
Vitamin B12 – for the production of healthy cells,
Vitamin A – for good eyesight and immune function,
Zinc – for immune function, Riboflavin – for healthy skin,
Folate – for the production of healthy cells,
Vitamin C – for the formation of healthy connective tissues and
Iodine – for regulation of the body’s rate of metabolism (how quickly the body burns energy and the rate of growth.
1 glass of milk alone can make a contribution to the daily recommended intake of many important nutrients for all age groups


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