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Automate your orders with Moja

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Sales automation

Sales automation: Serve more customers on WhatsApp

Sales automation:

Grow your business by responding to customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & SMS. To learn more visit #DoMorewithMoja

Automate orders and serve more customers on WhatApp with Moja
– Automate orders and reservations with bot support
– Grow customer database
– Increase sales & grow your revenue
– QR code menu for WhatsApp

Beem’s new all-in-one communication platform for sales and service connects all your social channels in one inbox.

Our platform provides everything you need to deliver a great retail experience that drives business impact. Whether you’re looking to share product images, share personalized messages, or increase your sales, you can use Moja to accelerate your business. Visit the link to book a demo #DoMorewithMoja


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Sell more on WhatsApp by equipping your sales team with the right tools. With Moja, you can send product catalogs, price lists, and discount coupons to your recurring customers.

Visit the link to book a demo #DoMorewithMoja

Sales automationCombine the power of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & SMS on one single platform. Introducing Moja, the first true multi-user chat and engagement platform.

Boost your sales by closing social and online sales quicker with real-time interaction with your customers.
Deliver amazing service with real-time conversational experiences that help deliver better service.
Harness the power of ChatBots and provide a quick and easy way for customers to get services 24/7/365.


Elevate your customer engagement experience with real-time conversations with the right team at the right time.

Mobile Services Technology


Supercharge Your Sales

Close social and online sales quicker with real-time interaction with your customers.


Provide easy pre and post-sales touchpoints.

Increase online and social sales conversions.

Sales automation

Engage customers with meaningful conversations that help guide them to your product.

Enrich your sales conversations with images and catalogs.

Collaborate with internal teams to close sales faster.

Stay connected to your customers no matter where they are.

Increase throughput of customer inquiries

Decrease response time

Capture inquiries during off-work hours

Collaborate and share conversations across teams

Close more sales with pre-sales chat support

Keep all your customer information in one place

Tap upsell opportunities with real conversations

Create remarketing opportunities

Capture inquiries during off-work hours

Sales automation


Always-On, Always Available

Provide a quick and easy way for customers to get unattended service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Create a rich, unattended customer interaction bot.

Scale your sales and services without increasing your team size.

Capture and qualify leads with multi-layered menu options.

Provide services in multiple languages.

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