Building materials

Every project deserves the right building materials

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Building materials

Building materials: Quality and durable products

Building materials:

Undertaking a building or renovation project requires the understanding of how vital procurement of quality products is, to ensure both safety and durability of the products – whether natural or manmade.

We stock products that take care of the important considerations to make when choosing the right fit fr your project: Cost, Climate, Durability, Availability, Sustainability, Maintenance, Aesthetic appeal, and Performance.

Building materials

Imports International LTD (IIL) is an importer & distributor of some of the world’s leading brands in the construction & building materials.

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We are the only importer of Elephant Gypsum board in Tanzania. Well known for its quality and durability, Elephant remains the strong one!!
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Imports International (T) Ltd (IIL) is an importer and distributor of some of the world’s leading brands in construction and building materials in Tanzania. Its humble beginnings started on 12th March 2003 at a back workshop. Since its start, the business has expanded rapidly in a continuously fast-growing market. Since its inception, IITL has maintained its vision and concept of providing all customers big or small with the best quality material at the lowest prices possible. With this vision and the hard work of its loyal staff, many of whom have been with the company since 2004, the company has enjoyed many successful years and its transition from the back workshop operation to the latest 3500 sq/m warehousing facility on Nelson Mandela Road in July 2008. Our Mission is To be the leading supplier of the widest range of quality branded products and to also offer the best price on KVI’s .i.e, competitive pricing on the balance of range. Our Vision To become our customers’ first choice in the country .i.e; the preferred supplier route to the market.


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SCG UBB Mineral Wool Insulation

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