Ceiling Suspension Systems

Exposed Ceiling Accessories

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Ceiling Suspension Systems

Ceiling Suspension Systems: Unique solutions for each ceiling system

Ceiling Suspension Systems:

Angle moulding, shadow moulding, channel moulding, and other wall mouldings all offer unique solutions to each ceiling system; offering a consistent look and performance in each design. They are an incredibly important detail in the design and installation of each ceiling system.

Exposed ceilings, also called open ceilings or open plenums, show all their structural and MEP systems in plain view, either in their normal colours or painted.
  • Insulation. Loft Insulation. Insulation Accessories.
  • Plasterboards & Coving. Plasterboard. Coving & Cornices.
  • Partitioning & Ceilings System. Metal Stud Wall. Ceiling Components.
  • Angle Beads & Mesh. Internal Beads. External Beads. …
  • Plasters & Renders. Plasters. Renders.
  • Drylining Accessories. Drylining Adhesives & Fillers. …
  • Access Panels.


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SCG UBB Mineral Wool Insulation


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