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INVITATION – Visit AUTOEXPO 2023 @ Diamond Jubilee Halls

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Auto Expo: International Automotive, Spare Parts & Accessories Trade Expo

Visit AUTOEXPO Tanzania 2023

Visit 24th AUTOEXPO AFRICA 2023
Africa’s Leading International Trade Exhibition on Automotive, Spare Parts & Accessories

19 – 21 October 2023, Diamond Jubilee Halls, Dar-es-Salaam
Entry is Free! Register here | +255 713 246 267 / 0652 496 767

The AUTOEXPO AFRICA – International Trade Expo on Automotive, Spare Parts, Accessories & Transportation is the largest trade event held annually in Tanzania for the automotive sector. The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 28 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors an excellent opportunity to explore several countries in one time.

The automotive parts market in Tanzania is a growing and lucrative sector that offers opportunities for investment, innovation and employment. According to OG Analysis, the automotive industry in Tanzania is supported by multiple factors such as labour availability, R&D efforts, geographic advantage and the government The market is driven by the strong demand for automotive vehicles, both new and used, which creates a need for quality and affordable spare parts, which can be supplied by local or foreign dealers and manufacturers.

Tanzania imports automotive parts from various countries. Tanzania imported 428 shipments of car spare parts as per recent verifiable sources valued at US$ 2.4 million. Tanzania also imports garage equipment, consumables and generators for the automotive sector.

Come, be a part of progress in Africa!

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Expogroup began its operations in 1996 starting with export-oriented International Trade Exhibitions in the Middle East & Africa. Since then, it has been organizing annual trade fairs in 14 countries within the region itself. Apart from that, Expogroup has presented several other events in emerging markets such as the CIS, Australia, Latin America & India.

Completing 27 years in the industry, Expogroup has spread its network in more than 37 countries managing more than 20 trade fairs annually in various countries.


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