Madhavi is the first ASAS Word Contest Champion! | Online competition

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Orujul and Khadija settle for medals

Online competition: Madhavi Nayan Lal proved the old Swahili adage true – ‘Kutangulia si kufika’, meaning that to lead first is not to finish first.  Having joined later than her closest rivals, she
was quick and diligent, month after month, as she amassed valuable points to be named the first-ever ASAS Word Contest Champion.

Orujul Hassan (319 points) and Khadija Ebrahimjee (295 points), finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, and will also be scooping medals.  Halima Tahir fell short of 3rd place by a very
slim score.

Meanwhile, all the three monthly prizes have gone to Orujul and his family as he finished first, followed by newcomer Faheen Fatema Hassan and Najmul Hassan. Each of them will
receive prizes for their feat.

And although Madhavi was a distant 4th, it did not change the overall results. The new season starts immediately (press here to attempt the crossword)



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