Building materials

Strong and durable Elephant Gypsum Board

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Building materials

Building materials: For the best Acoustic and Thermal performance

Building materials:

Elephant products are specially designed for easy use. The main aim of our products is to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Elephant Gypsum Board is patented by SHEETROCK BRAND TECHNOLOGY from USG, a leading gypsum board manufacturer in the USA. With its unique enhanced technology, Elephant Gypsum Board contains more superior properties than any other standard gypsum board.
Material Consistency: Environmentally Friendly And Recyclable.

Elephant Standard Board Plus

Elephant Standard Board provides walls and ceilings used for installation in office buildings and housing. Its insulation maintains room temperature, it is incombustible and provides a seamless and attractive look, and it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Elephant Technical Boards

Elephant Technical Board fulfills all your temperature-related requirements with features such as heat blocking, fireproofing, anti-fungal protection, and overall strength.

Elephant Synia Plus – 4 Tapered Edges Board

The gypsum board features tapered edges (4 sloped edges) around the front and rear of the board to provide a seamless and attractive board.

Access Panel

Elephant ZerveBoard is a prefabricated 9mm thick ceiling service board that is designed to be installed in any location without it causing any visual inconsistency to the finished surface. ZerveBoard comes in a selection of different types and designs for interior designs.

Strong and durable | Quick and easy | Good acoustic performance | Good thermal performance | Eco-friendly | Standards certified

Building materials

Imports International LTD (IIL) is an importer & distributor of some of the world’s leading brands in construction & building materials.

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We are the only importer of Elephant Gypsum board in Tanzania. Well known for its quality and durability, Elephant remains the strong one!!
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