Building materials

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Building materials

Building materials: Firebloc Gypsum Board

FireBloc gypsum board is encased with specially designed compressed pink paper consisting of particular fiber components that enhance its strength. Capable of fire resistance rating from 1 to 4 hours.
FireBloc gypsum board can be applied to all areas of houses, offices, or industrial buildings wherever fireproofing is needed.
Design: Products that give you flexibility in design; trendy and aesthetics for walls and ceilings.
Function: Products & performance that are both versatile & fit for purpose.
Simple: Simplicity of component design for efficient supply & installation.
Smart: Ease of handling & installation for lighter, smarter, faster building.
Ingenious: One product/many applications.
Versatile: Products and systems designed for quick installation in general, fire resistant, impact resistant,
acoustic and other specialist applications

Consists of fiberglass and fire-resistant components in its core reinforcing it with more strength and fire-resistant properties.
Designing for fire resistance system up to 4 hours.
No health hazard and environmentally friendly. It can be recycled.

Building materials
Standards and Tests
BS 476Usage Area
High-rise building interior wall.
Hotel, Factory sectors.
Fire exits, Elevators, and Shaft walls.
Steel structure encasements and areas with a high chance of fire exposure.


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