Online Quiz Competition

Test your history knowledge

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Online Quiz Competition

Online Quiz Competition: Register and win!

Online Quiz Competition: The 2nd season of the ASAS-Uhuru Walk Annual Quiz League will be live on 31st August at 7 30pm with a special History edition!

Welcome to the Akili ni Mali! This is a monthly quiz, consisting of mind-boggling and exciting questions on various categories, including general knowledge, art, and history, current affairs, television and series, science, and more. Participants are judged based on the number of correct answers they provide within the time limit, and their score is then adjusted based on an age handicap scale. Participants who also take part in the ASAS Word Contest, or those who refer other friends to participate, get bonus points!

Each month, the top three winners are awarded prizes from our main sponsor, ASAS, as well as others. The points are accumulated and at the end of the year, one participant will be crowned the Champion! Who are you rooting for?

Age Handicap Scale

12-20 years 20-30 years 31-40 years 41-50 years 51 and over
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points

1 points

Register for the exciting online quiz with Miqdad 0742 276750 and set the pace for your early points stock.

  • Challenge yourself
  • Compete with your friends
  • Prove your intelligence

As always, this is an online format and also has a points transfer feature whereby you can rack up your league position by participating in all of our ASAS-backed leagues.


The top 3 monthly winners will receive cash prizes and the one who finishes top will also receive other gifts. All participants’ points will be forming the basis of the league, and since it is open to all age groups, an age handicap scale will be in use to maintain fairness.

If participants belong to a school, they should name them at the time of registration so that they are entered in a schools league table.

Winners after 12 months will be crowned Akili ni Mali Champions 2022/23

Need a headstart? Ensure you introduce other participants after you register yourself

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Online Quiz Competition

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