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The 7th Annual Uhuru Walk will be held on Sunday, 11th December 2022 at Masaki Sports Park (MSP)

This annual walk promotes English language literacy skills in disadvantaged children to improve their learning prospects and eventually their competitiveness in the future job market. It is an investment in the future of our nation and its people.

The project was initiated eight years ago under the auspices of Meadows Schools (Meadows Academy and Meadows Education) and has been growing in popularity, year after year. Details of the learning that takes place can be viewed on our Facebook page

This community service initiative is a credit to the business community of Dar es Salaam that fully supports us. A number of scholarship funds have also been set up to assist individual children.

Asas Dairies has long been supporting the initiative by not only providing the official event T-Shirts but also sponsoring the year-round quiz league Akili ni Mali. The brand new Black T-shirts with colourful logos and a vivid message imprinted at the back are now available. Get your tickets fast before we run out of the -T-shirts.


About the event

Held across winding routes in Dar-es-Salaam, Uhuru Walk is an annual event welcoming over a thousand participants annually for a walkathon, treasure hunt and cycling event. Over the past eight years, Uhuru Walk has been started and completed at several locations including Muhimbili Primary School, Meadows Academy and Masaki Sports Park. Beginning from these precisely chosen locations, our walkathon and/or cycling event typically spans between 6-9 km, along which refreshments and security vehicles are also found. Our event is perfect for both a fun family day out as well as a friendly get-together with the treasure hunt as our main event highlight. Cryptic clues are presented to teams of 4 in either written or virtual interfaces, challenging them to spy on their surroundings accurately and…faster than every other team! Teams are also entered into our final test of cooperation, wit, and intelligence in our Wild Card Contest. A novel surprise revealed only at the time of the contest on the event day, our Wild Card contest featured basketball & rock climbing in 2020, playing life-size Tic-Tac-Toe in 2019, and life-size Scrabble in 2018.

At our event venue, our team of photographers and videographers produce a 3D, life-like portal of memory through hundreds of pictures along the route, during contests, of laughing faces, photobooths and many more. Apart from the immense fun experienced by each of our participants, we enter each participant into a lucky draw with over 200 prizes because we are driven to provide the ultimate experience of fun and opportunity at Uhuru Walk. Winners go home with branded merchandise from international franchise chains, free memberships, free-of-charge styling and grooming services, shopping vouchers, meal vouchers, and free access to luxurious recreational getaways like resort visits and scuba diving. Treasure Hunt winners and runners-up receive the most prestigious prizes of the lot, along with medals and trophies that honour their brilliance. Subsequently, our Wild Card Contest provides each Treasure Hunt team with a second attempt to have their names remembered alongside the Uhuru Walk of the year with a heavy loot of TZS 200,000!

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