Trivia competition

The Ultimate Inter Schools Quiz

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Trivia competition

Trivia competition: Sign up for the ASAS Akili ni Mali Quiz League

Trivia competition: See How You Stack Up against other Schools

The ASAS Akili ni Mali Quiz League is a fun and challenging way to learn about many different areas of interest – both in the sciences and the Arts. The league is open to students in secondary and tertiary educational institutes and follows a league pattern, complete with leaderboards, top scorers, leading schools and so on. Individuals falling in those age groups can also run independently, or form their own friends virtual ‘school and fight it out against other schools

The quiz league consists of a series of online quizzes that cover a wide range of topics related. The quizzes are designed to be challenging, but they are also fun and engaging.

After three online quizzes in three months, the following round would be a live quarter-final bringing together schools that have finished in the top half of the table. Winning teams move on to a further three months of online quizzes leading to a live semi-final. And subsequently, a final in the 12th month to determine the Champion School

The ASAS Akili ni Mali Quiz League is a great way to learn about it and is also a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

  • Sign up for the ASAS Akili ni Mali Quiz League today!
  • Learn more about a wide range of subjects
  • Have fun and compete for prizes!

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Trivia competition

Win free tickets to Uhuru Walk 8!

Win the champions cup for schools and medals for toppers!

Win cash prizes too!

Certificates will be issued to all participants from the Quarter Finals onwards


(see poster for details)


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