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 Crossword Contest: Supporting your expanded Vocabulary – Asas Dairies – #TheTasteofTanzania

Crossword Contest:

Put your crossword skills to the test and compete to win cash prizes and medals!


The Asas Word Contest is a monthly crossword league where crossword enthusiasts compete to earn points and accumulate them over the season. The winners at the end of the season will receive medals and certificates, and the top winner each month will receive a cash prize. The league is organised by SokoniAdvertiser.

How to enter

To enter the Asas Word Contest, simply click here (best viewed on PC) , complete the clues submit your completed crossword puzzle. Each month, there will be a new crossword puzzle to solve, and you can submit as many times as you like.

How to win

Each crossword puzzle will be worth a certain number of points, depending on its difficulty. The more points you earn, the higher you will rank in the league table. The top winner at the end of the season will be the writer with the most points.


The top winners at the end of the season will receive medals and certificates. The top winner each month will also receive a cash prize.

Let’s connect

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Companies/Schools, Earn Your League Points!

Calling all schools! Participate in the Asas Word Contest League and earn valuable league points for your institution. Please encourage your students to unleash their artistic potential and contribute to their personal growth.

Register Today and Let Your Creativity Soar!

Ready to be a part of this exciting journey? Registration is a breeze! Click on the link below to sign up and set your artistic spirit free: Register Now

SokoniAdvertiser and Asas Dairies: Your Supporters of Vocabulary

Organized by SokoniAdvertiser, the trailblazers of digital media marketing in Tanzania, and supported by Asas Dairies – the epitome of #TheTasteofTanzania, the Asas Word Contest League stands as a motivation to all those interested in improving their language skills

Join us in upgrading ourselves professionally and as students who are open to learning!

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