Razor blade

Wembe unaodumu makali yake

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Razor blade

Razor blade: RUNGU Max Double Edge Blades

Razor blade:

The Double-Edged Blade is a must-have product for most Tanzanians’ day-to-day lives. Hence it is a product that is highly in demand.

With a vision to provide an overall better quality blade, for a smoother shaving experience, our team introduced RUNGU MAX Stainless Steel Platinum Coated Blades.

RUNGU MAX Blade has captured the market with its superior sharpness and tough edges. This has resulted in nationwide demand and availability, with the trendy catchphrase

“RUNGU MAX is goody goody!”


Wembe yenye makali pande zote mbili ni bidhaa ipendwayo na Watanzania wengi na hivyo ni uthibitisho wa bidhaa yenye ubora zaidi unaotakiwa na watumiaji.

Kutokana na timu yetu kuwa na mtazamo wa mbele, ikachanganua kuingiza wembe bora katika soko na kuipa umaarufu kuwa RUNGU MAX.

Kwa hiyo, RUNGU MAX imechukua nafasi yake katika soko na viwango vyake vya hali ya juu na ni ya kimataifa

Rungu Max wembe bora na imara. Shine na Rungu Max!

“RUNGU MAX ni goody goody!”

Razor blade


HB Worldwide LTD was formed in 2003, with the Mission of coming up with daily use products for the good people of Tanzania.

Beginning with RUNGU Insecticide Spray, the RUNGU brand has grown into a household name with several products boasting an enviable market share.

To date, RUNGU spray remains at the core of our business and the driving force behind the company’s success.

What began as a humble venture of fewer than 10 employees, has now grown into a company with over 100 employees, all of whom firmly uphold the belief that the RUNGU name stays synonymous with trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, and value for money.

Email: hbworldwide@hbworldwide.co.tz

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Visit us at Plot No. 2398 / 202, Lugoda Street, Gerezani, Ilala,
Dar es Salaam

or call

Tel: +255 22 2122077 or +255 22 2134608

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