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Education: Meadows Academy is an international daycare centre, kindergarten, and preschool that focuses on individual children learning needs.  With a profound emphasis on reading and counting skills, we also provide the ultimate basis for competence as a child moves from one level to another.  Knowing more often empowers the child, and with parental involvement, the definition of success changes monumentally as a more holistic young learner emerges.


We Create an Expressive Environment for Each Child

Through open-ended, creativity-enhancing and play-based experiences, children flourish and grow to love their school, taking pride in belonging to a community

What makes us different?

Magic at Meadows

  1. Top Reading Program

    There is a 90% success rate in the later life of children who can read. Meadows Academy offers the most proven reading program in the country.

  2. Home-like Environment

    Children are made comfortable and confident at Meadows Academy to ensure they are feeling safe and secure to explore and learn.

  3. Balanced Learning

    A school that can offer more than ABCs and 123s guarantees a balanced development of children to connect with their social environment. This also helps in promoting emotional development.

  4. Individualized Learning Goals

    As significant as group learning is, each child is an individual and deserves to be treated thus according to their individual strengths and weaknesses. This is achieved perfectly by maintaining small student-to-teacher ratios.

  5. Continuous Parent Involvement

    In addition to the initial orientation, Meadows Academy plans several parent-child events that make the process of you and your child settle into care with us much smoother.

  6. Passionate Teaching

    Through the Magic Wand Teacher Training Program as well as day-to-day planning and appraisal of teachers, Meadows Academy infuses a unique and highly effective system of enthusiastic and involved teaching by the staff.

  7. International Curriculum

    As an internationally affiliated center of Early and Elementary Years Learning, the Academy imports a totally international style of teaching.

  8. Small Classes, Personal Attention

    Your child is assured of their teacher’s complete attention and understanding throughout their stay at Meadows Academy.

  9. Full of Opportunities

    Our driving force, enabled by our specialized curriculum, feeds naturally curious children with vast opportunities to explore and confront problems and develop their critical thinking skills.


Strong readers have a high intellectual stamina

Top Reading Program

To become deeply intelligent and confident learners, children need to be strong readers. The greater the reading skills become, the more complex knowledge they can learn! Reading also expands vocabulary, which improves those all-important test scores and leads to articulate speech, a lifelong skill that is valued in any career field.

Small Group Instruction | Well-Stocked Library | Engaging Activities


We believe that although children’s development follows a predictable sequence, one child’s development is unique from another. And as children learn by building on the knowledge they already have – primarily exhibited through play, teachers help them learn by creating a rich environment to explore via exciting educational activities.

Our Values

Positive, Safe Environment led by Early Years Education Expert Gulbanu Suleman. At Meadows, we are committed to providing an uplifting and positive atmosphere for our children and staff; a fun learning experience in a secure, safe, and loving environment.

  • Leadership – We are committed to leading; developing, monitoring, and empowering our children and our staff to reach their full potential.
  • Excellence – We are committed to achieving the greatest levels of excellence in childcare, in education and in everything we do; being highly professional, innovative, creative, efficient, and effective.
  • Respect – We are committed to building strong, healthy relationships with each other, our children & their families, along with the community through communication and understanding of the cultures around us.
  • Integrity – We are committed to carrying out our mission enshrined in our ethos – that of read (lectito), write (scribo), speak (dictio) and count (et numera). These four elements remind us each day of what children ought to master as they pass through various levels of learning

Here are a few of the many robust foundation features that we provide:

International curriculum |  After-school activities |  Inquiry-based learning  |  Full daycare (optional)  |  Outdoor play area  | Outsourced sports facilities  |  Small student-teacher ratio | Children’s Events


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Children's Events

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Children's Events


Children's Events

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Meadows Academy, 5 Mfaume St

opp SIDO, off Fire Rd, Upanga West


Contact +255 784 276750 or for more details

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